ClickUp Integration with Superflow

ClickUp Integration with Superflow

Turn your Superflow comments into ClickUp tasks or subtasks.

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An Overview

The integration of Superflow with ClickUp facilitates the seamless transition of Superflow comments into ClickUp tasks.

This integration is designed to optimize your workflow, minimizing the time and resources required for task management.

How does it work?

Superflow integration with Asana works very seamlessly


Link to a ClickUp Space:

  • Proceed to the integrations page within the Superflow portal.

  • Identify and select the appropriate ClickUp Space. This will be the repository for Superflow comments and associated tasks.


Associate a Superflow Project with a ClickUp List:

  • Subsequently, establish a linkage between your Superflow project and a specific ClickUp List.

  • All comments originating from Superflow will be automatically converted into tasks within the chosen ClickUp List.


Connect to a Specific ClickUp Task (Optional):

  • For those seeking enhanced specificity, there's the option to connect your Superflow project directly to a task within a ClickUp List.

  • With this setup, all Superflow comments will be manifested as subtasks under the selected ClickUp task.

ClickUp Connected Successfully!

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