Slack and Superflow: A Quick Look

Slack and Superflow: A Quick Look

Want to get Superflow updates in Slack?

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An Overview

This setup lets you know about new comments, replies, and mentions right in your Slack channels.

How does it work?

Superflow integration with Asana works very seamlessly


Connect in SuperFlow:

  • Go to your Superflow account.

  • Click on 'integrations' and pick 'Slack'.

  • Follow the steps to link Superflow with Slack.

  • Choose a Slack channel where you want updates.

  • Now, when someone comments in Superflow, you'll see it in Slack!


Workspace Alerts:

  • Once linked, you'll get alerts in Slack for comments and mentions in Superflow.


Project Alerts:

  • Want updates from a specific Superflow project in a Slack channel? Just pick the project and channel.


Direct Alerts

Get messages only when someone mentions you or talks to you in a comment.

Slack Connected Successfully!

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