Google Tag Manager Integration

Google Tag Manager Integration

Connect your websites using Google Tag Manager

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An Overview

Connect Superflow with your sites within minutes using Google Tag Manager

How does it work?

Superflow integration with Asana works very seamlessly


Start by adding your website URL

If Google Tag Manager is detected with the site URL you entered, you will see a banner at the top recommending that you install with Google Tag Manager.

Click Start Setup inside the banner to install Superflow with Google Tag Manager.

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Authenticate with your Google Tag Manager account

You will be asked to authenticate with the email associated with your Google Tag Manager account.


Choose an Account and Tag Container

Choose the Google Tag Manager Account and Tag Container that you will be using to install Superflow within.

GTM onboarding image


Create and Publish Tag

We will now create and publish a tag on your Google Tag Manager Account and Tag Container.

Click on Create and Publish Tag to authorize this.

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Google Tag Manager Connected Successfully!

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