Superflow Installation Guide for Webflow

Superflow Installation Guide for Webflow

Give feedback within your webflow sites

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An Overview

Whether you're a designer, developer, or project manager, Superflow will streamline your web design process and communication with your team.

How does it work?

Superflow integration with Asana works very seamlessly


Access the Webflow Marketplace

Begin by navigating to the Webflow marketplace and installing the Superflow application


Link Your Initial Project:

After granting the necessary authorizations, select the specific Webflow project you wish to integrate with Superflow


Integrate the Script

Proceed to the custom code section within Webflow and insert the provided line of script to ensure proper functionality


Team Collaboration

For enhanced workflow, invite your team members. This will allow you to efficiently tag and assign them to specific tasks


Initiate Feedback

Access your project via the review link. A toolbar will be present at the bottom right corner. Utilize the comment icon to input your inaugural feedback

Webflow Connected Successfully!

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